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When we face a problem we have two choices: focus on the problem or fix our eyes on God. If we opt for the first, the problem seems to grow bigger. If we look to God, we will see God's presence and goodness -- and this opens doors to discover a solution. Despair and disappointment can become opportunities to move closer to God and feel God's power. (Shaji George (Kerala, India)

The Lord told Paul... "My Grace is sufficient...I work best in your weakness. One of my favorite thoughts from the Scripture...it comforts me because I am so very often weak and in that weakness I am so often reminded by the Holy Ghost of the the Kingdom I serve. Walk with me today Holy Ghost...and as I fail...and yes I do...continue to prod and remind me. LU ALL.

Each of us...everyone of us have one thing in common...WE ARE ALL SINNERS.

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