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Ron's Devotions

Encouraging Words in a Discouraging World

You have messed up at times in your life. You may feel you have messed up your entire life. It’s not about the size of your mistakes. It’s about the size of your God. These devotions will help you discover the bigness of the love and forgiveness from a big God. This same God, who made a world of difference in the lives of others, can make the same difference in your world. This difference will cause you to never be the same. These devotions will help you experience God’s love and forgiveness each day in a different way.


God Speak...I AM

Life comes to a standstill for you. There seems to be no escape from your mental prison. Darkness surrounds you and there is no light on the outside. During those darkest nights of the soul, you reach out to God. But you don’t know if God will make Himself known. You hope He will give you some answers to your questions. Instead, He gives you no answers. That only brings on more questions. God hasn’t forgotten you. Neither has He forsaken you. God uses these times of isolation for you to be alone with Him. God may not speak at all times, but He is there with you all the time. God Speak shares the intimacy felt during these times of isolation. The dark night of the soul is real, but so is His presence. Read these words while you listen for His voice. God does hear. He does speak. You will sometimes experience His clearest revelation when silence becomes the loudest thing you hear.

Jesus Burden Bearer Life is hard. And then it becomes harder. Nothing seems to change and you don’t know what else to do. Jesus is there to help you. He became your sin bearer. Allow Him to become your burden bearer. This 365 day prayer book can lead you into a new dimension of praying and living. Talk to Jesus by reading these prayers aloud when you just don’t know what to say anymore. These prayers will help you when there is no one who can walk that dark lonesome valley with you. The valley won’t be as dark. The burden will seem less heavy. And His presence will be a reminder that you are not alone.

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