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Blessing on y'all for Thanksgiving and Christmas! Comin up fast! Jesus is still King of kings! Just wrote this song - our choir will be using it shortly! May it bless your heart! Shalom!

Glory-fied (One of These Days) – by Rebecca Huseby


Yesterday I said one last goodbye to a loved one here below

Had to wipe a sad tear from my eye, as I had to let them go

Well they’re headed home with a wave and a smile

I know I’ll see them in a little while

So yesterday is gone, but HEY, I’m one day closer to home


One of these days, I’m gonna wake up - walkin on streets of gold

Gonna lay down my load and take up - all the glory that I can hold

There won’t be no tears or sorrow, I’ll be right by Jesus’ side

Not weeks, not months but one of these days,

I’ll be home and glo--ry--fied


Well today is all I’ve really got and I want to spend it well

‘Cause the good Lord only knows I’ve got some His-story to tell

He leads me one step at a time

Each moment filled with grace divine

So today is just a gift I couldn’t buy and I won’t sell



Well tomorrow is not known to me, it’s just beyond my gaze

You never know what lies ahead, and guessin never pays

There’s perfect purpose in His plans

I’m a leavin the future in His hands

I don’t get it yet, but I’ll understand ----- ----- one of these days!


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