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What people are saying about Lois Jane's Ministry...

"Lois Jane has been a dear friend to Johnny and me for many, many years. She is literally a "ministering angel" to those in need of a touch from God, and a "bountiful blessing" to  those who are already joyful. Having experienced extreme sorrow and overwhelming joy, she identifies with us all. As I have for many years, I wholeheartedly, with no reservations recommend Lois Jane to minister to the women of your church. Her sweet spirit, beautiful voice, and her heart for God will bless you in a way that you will not soon forget."

Janet Hunt
Pastor's Wife
First Baptist Church
Woodstock, Georgia
Dr. Johnny M. Hunt, Sr. Pastor

"Lois Jane shares an amazing spiritual journey that has not been without personal battles and heartaches. She provides a God-gifted singing and speaking ministry with a powerful witness of God's power, protection and provisions that will bless, encourage, inspire and challenge the women of your church. Lois Jane Wallace is a woman with incredible talent. However, her greatest gift is her sweet spirit, servant heart, and genuine humility. She    loves the Lord and has a sincere desire to encourage people. There is nothing phoney, pretentious or hypocritical about Lois Jane. She is the real deal. Whether in an area-wide crusade, local church revival, or women's conference, people will be immensely blessed through the ministry of this Godly woman. Wherever she has been, God has used her, and     I highly recommend her ministry to you."

 Geoff Lacefield
Pastor, Cloverleaf Baptist Church
Louisville, Kentucky

"I can say with certainty that you will find Lois Jane to be genuine and faithful to the  message she proclaims. God will use her in your church to take your people from the   valley of discouragement and hopelessness to the mountain top of fellowship with a     loving Lord. When Lois Jane sings, it’s more than a concert. It is a holy time of worship      and celebration."

Dr. Larry Gilmore
State Director of Evangelism
Nashville, TN

"I am extremely grateful for the Christ-honoring music ministry of Lois Jane. She allows 
the Lord to use her songs and testimony to tell of His goodness and grace in her life. I recommend her without any reservation whatsoever."
Johnny Hunt
Pastor, First Baptist Church
Woodstock, GA

"Lois Jane presents the love of the Lord in song and testimony with sweet genuineness. I assure you that she is worthy of consideration."

Dr. Sam T. Cathey, Evangelist

"I can give Lois Jane my highest endorsement. She is warmly received by all ages and effectively ministers to the heart."

Dr. Charlie Martin
Pastor, First Baptist Church of Indian Rocks
Largo, FL

"We have had most of the major Gospel artists in our church and none have touched and ministered to our people like Lois Jane. My best description of Lois Jane is found in these words, she is real!"

Phil Hoskins
Pastor, Higher Ground Baptist Church
Kingsport, TN

"Lois Jane and I have worked together and trust we will many more times in the future. 
She is talented, gracious, and obviously has the Lord on her ministry. Use her in your 
church as soon as possible."

Bailey Smith

"The ministry of Lois Jane is anointed and empowered by the Holy Spirit. She greatly 
blessed us at Cottage Hills Baptist Church. She will bless your church."

Dr. Fred H. Wolfe
Retired Pastor, Cottage Hills Baptist Church
Mobile, AL

"It gives me great joy to recommend the ministry of Lois Jane, a gifted and dedicated witness for Jesus. It is evident in her music and testimony that she knows the God of the dark valley as well as the mountain tops, and she communicates this well to people. Let me urge you to use this gifted Christian lady. She will bless your ministry."

Dr. Ron Phillips
Pastor, Abba’s House
Hixon, TN

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Lois Jane Ministries
P.O. Box 1974
Gallatin, TN 37066





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