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This is a poem I wrote for mine! Blessings!

Just for You

By Rebecca J. Huseby


In quiet moments you’ll hear her prayer

In memory, see her standing there

With shafts of sunlight in her hair

Praying – just for you


In quiet pools you’ll see her eyes

The light that age could not disguise

Gleaming on as time went by

Watching – just for you


In quiet hours you’ll hear your name

Her gentle voice, a sweet refrain

A melody so sweet and plain

Singing – just for you


In quiet shadows on bended knee

Talking to heaven patiently

Time after time alone was she

Wishing – just for you


In quiet thought you’ll feel her there

A memory in a rocking chair  

And on her cheek a crystal tear

Waiting – just for you


So take the moment while you may

Go to her – go today

Give your heart, your love away

Like she has – just for you!

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