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Just for You – a Mother’s Day Poem

By Rebecca J. Huseby, 2011


In quiet moments you’ll hear her prayer

In memory, see her standing there

With shafts of sunlight in her hair

Praying – just for you


In quiet pools you’ll see her eyes

The light that age could not disguise

Gleaming on as time goes by

Watching – just for you


In quiet hours you’ll hear your name

Her gentle voice, a sweet refrain

A melody so sweet and plain

Singing – just for you


In quiet shadows on bended knee

Talking to heaven patiently

Time after time alone was she

Wishing – just for you


In quiet thought you’ll feel her there

A memory in a rocking chair  

And on her cheek a crystal tear

Waiting – just for you


So take the moment while you may

Go to her – go today

Give your heart, your love away

Like she has – just for you!


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