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8-day tour to Israel $2,500.00pp/do

Come! Join me for the experience of a life-time! There is NO place like Israel – land of beginnings – birthplace of “Hope” – God’s chosen namesake – bookmark of the ages – ISRAEL!

This tour will be like no other! Fall of 2012 we depart. There will be much singing and worship all along the way, as "His"-story of the land and her people are laid out for us by our Israeli guide. You will see for yourself the relevance of Scriptural prophecy as you watch it unfolding, literally before your eyes.

If you have EVER wanted to go to Israel, NOW IS YOUR TIME! Begin NOW planning, saving and scheduling…..no more excuses! If you want to go, contact me and we will begin preparations for YOUR journey immediately! This price is outstanding, and we need to lock it in as soon as possible!

Pray and then write or drop me an e-mail! I hope to see you in Israel!

Much Shalom, Rebecca

Rebecca J. Huseby

Baruch Habah Israel Tours

2192 Blue Sky Rd.

Bonners Ferry, ID 83805


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