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This is one of the top questions that the world asks Christians to explain. "If the Lord is an all powerful and loving God, then how can He allow bad things to happen to good people? It's just not fair!"

Good question. What are your thoughts?

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Thing happen to us in our lives. For example My parents argued a lot. My response was that I will not live my life that way. I will be happy. I am going through this life once I don't get a second chance to go through this life again.
My beloved husband of 22 years died of cancer the same time as Ron Huddleston. Lois Jane
and I shared our Widowhood and stories of how it was being married and then living alone. We grew close together during those years. We had a close bond when she came to my church. I had a 12, 16, and 19 year old teenagers to finsih raising. My out look was God and I will finish raising them. I will be both Mother and Father to them. He was there all the time.
My middle daughter's young husband of 25 years old died of cancer. Before he died his father became a pastor. It was like loosing a son, but God keeps our children in his loving home that he has prepared for us. I grew closer to God during this time. He was there all the time.
Both my parents went to be with the Lord. Dad in 1995, Mon in 1998. This year I lost my beloved
sister in January 2009. She is with the Lord. I am the only one left in that family of four. Then in Feburary I lost my tree in my front yard. I cryed and cryed for days over nature and my sister. But I grew in the Lord. He was there all the time.
Today My beloved mother-in-law has been given just a few days to live. We are going and seeing
her and praying with her daily. She is 92 and loves the Lord. She is the grandmother of my children.
God will see her through every step of the way and love her always. Imagine the rejoicing in Heaven
when her husband and her son sees her in Heaven. He is there all the time.
God created man to have fellowship with him. THATS ALL! We are on this earth to Love God and to Love others as God loves them. Things do happen in life. But are you going to be a bitter person or a
better person for the expericence you have. Are you going to blame God or yourself. I choose to
to take the experiences of life and Love God more and grow closer to God through the experiences
because everything that happens to me I can look back and see a "Oh, so that is what you are
wanting me to learn from this experience." " Got it God I understand what you want me to learn. I
Love you even more for the experience I just went through." God Does love every one of us. He
ONLY wants you to LOVE him TOO.
WHy does God allow bad things to happen to Good People? I don't have the answer! But I do
want the bad things that happen to me in my life to bring me to a deeper Love for God. Because
every bad thing that has happened to me in my life God has been by my side through it all. Never
leaving me. Always Loving me. Read your Bible daily brings you closer to God.


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